Casa Los Naranjos

What is Casa Los Naranjos?


is a typical house from Granada Neighborhood built in the 1940's by the Naranjo family with roots in Antioquia and Chile. The name of the house was decided to tribute their last name and therefore Los Naranjos. The Naranjo Family hired the best architects in town back in the time and imported from Italy most of the construction materials as the beautiful floors that make the space so unique. It is located in the same street as the national famous "Casa Los Leones" for its architectonic interest and next to the complete Plazoleta Jairo Varela. 

Since we come from Barcelona, a city where we try to preserve the beautify of other times architectural movements, like the Modernisme Català (Art Noveau movement ffrom the late 1800's) as soon we saw Casa Los Naranjos felt in love with it. 

.of  of other times  being turned into 4 fantastic and full equipped 2 bedrooms apartment plus a small studio. They were designed from scratch preserving as required by the Cali City Hall Patrimonio all its authentic construction details to preserve it from the ---


We  are  since  February  2019  working  in  the  project  of  turnming  Casa  Los  Naranjos  in  4  beautiful  apartments  of  two  bedrooms  each  +  1  estudio.  

Casa Los Naranjos ~ Cali

Echa un vistazo a este increíble video

Casa Los Naranjos ~ Apartments

The Project


The PROJECT is being driven by Mr. Luis Fernando Cespedes and Mrs. Sara Ines Lopez  from BPM Arquitectura. Based in Cali 

Even though they specialize in  
sanitary design, they decided to take on our project as they love the idea of contributing to recover and rehabilitate "Casa Los Naranjos" in the center of Cali.

4 Apartments + 1 estudio


We are turning this beautifull hopuse into 4 apartments of 2 bedrooms each + a little studio fully equipped.



GRANADA NEIGHTBOURHOOD -  The Granada neighborhood was famous back in the day because it was owned by two very prominent families (Lopez, Sarasti & Caicedo). These families erected some gorgeous Republican style mansions (and some of these buildings still remain). The neighborhood is undergoing a resurgence and it is upscale for Cali. The feel is laid back. There are restaurants (and this is where you’ll find a bit more diversity in cuisines). There are also some great little boutiques for some very well known Colombian designers. This is THE neighborhood where you would choose to stay. It’s walkable and safe.