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Who we are!

Initially we opened the doors to our home since we liked the idea of having people from all over the world come and change our daily routine. But then, getting to know different people from different cultures from ours and to share their experiences in our diverse city and learn from each other was what finally motivated us to devote all of our energy to this project.
Our goal is for you to have an unforgettable vacation in Barcelona as well as for you to feel comfortable during your stay in our city. We love Barcelona and would love for you to fall in love with our city too.
We started in April 2002, and since then, we have been enlightened by our guests just as much as we believe to have done so to them.

We have given our guests a closer look and a more authentic experience since we, as locals, believe to have a strong handle of it. We try to guide you at each moment, which is something that many times gets lost in cold hotel rooms.

Amsterdam, Berlín, Bogotá, Bombay, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Colonia, Estambul, Philadelphia, LA, Madrid, New Delhi, New York, París, Washington DC… These are some of the great cities from around the world that today have a face to us, names and last names of embassadors of their cities with whom we now have stablished friendships. We believe we have learned to be more receptive, tolerant and opened to the world thanks to them and in return we believe to be placing our own small “granito de arena” as well.

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